Syracuse University’s Academic Programs include all undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degrees, including all majors, minors, and certificates. The assessment focus for Academic Programs is on the student learning outcomes associated with knowledge, skills, abilities, capacities, attitudes, or dispositions to be gained by students that complete the academic program.

The annual progress reporting window for academic programs is April 17 through September 30. Academic program contacts are asked to provide updated curriculum maps if applicable and updated/revised assessment and action plans. The progress report will be completed through this Qualtrics link.

The process for conducting Academic Programs assessment is organized into three phases:

Phase 1 – Specify and Plan:assessment_cycle_final-974x1024

  • Identify student-learning outcomes
  • Specify information, evidence and measures to be collected
  • Establish criteria to be used to determine success

Phase 2 – Collect and Analyze:

  • Collect the data specified in Phase 1
  • Interpret the results as a department
  • Make recommendations for improvement

Phase 3 – Action and Follow-up:

  • Indicate what changes will be implemented
  • Indicate how the impact of this modification to unit operations will be assessed

Our assessment team assembled guides, examples, and templates to help develop Assessment and Action Plans (AAP) which you can find in the resources section.

For additional help, please see general assessment resources that may be helpful.

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