Annual Progress Report

Important Reminders

  • The annual assessment progress report, documenting 2017-18 assessment activities, is due by October 15, 2018.
  • Tk20 assessment management system is being used to collect information for the annual progress report.
  • The annual progress report consists of two parts: (1) updating the assessment and action plan and (2) completing the progress report form in Tk20.
  • Revised or new curriculum maps should be sent to The Assessment Working Team will create/revise the map in Tk20.
  • For academic programs, the student work upon which the results are based should be retained for one year after the close of the academic year. The student work, along with faculty meeting minutes summarizing assessment discussions, should be maintained within the department. Co-curricular and functional areas should also maintain any evidence they have collected and meeting minutes within their programs/units.
  • To access Tk20, log in to using your Syracuse University netID and password.
  • Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers for using Tk20.
  • Save your work before exiting an area of the system or closing your browser.
  • Do not hit your browser’s back button as this may result in data loss for the session. Select “Save” to retain any entered information or “Cancel” or “Close.”
  • Tk20 training resources, including both guides and videos, are available:
  • To sign up for either an individual or a group training session, go to:
    Tk20 Training Session Request for Academic Programs
    Tk20 Training Session Request for Co-Curricular/Functional Areas