Tk20 is an online system that provides organizational support for Syracuse University’s assessment and accreditation efforts. The system includes tools that allow the University to create an integrated, streamlined picture of campus efforts in these areas. Key features of Tk20 include:

  • Institutional assessment planning and reporting
  • Assessment and action plan development and documentation for academic programs, co-curricular, and functional areas
  • Academic program curriculum mapping
  • An extensive list of aggregate and comprehensive reports to support compliance with both regional and specialized accreditation standards

Currently, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment is entering assessment and action plan information for all academic programs, co-curricular, and functional areas, as well as academic program curriculum maps, into the Tk20 system. Tk20 will also be used in the upcoming Middle States self-study process.


During the 2014‐2015 academic year, Syracuse University began an institution‐wide initiative to standardize assessment processes and prepare for the upcoming Middle States self-study. The Assistant Provost for Academic Programs researched best practices, SU’s assessment needs, and regional and specialized accreditation requirements to develop processes and templates that would guide schools and colleges, co‐curricular, and functional areas in creating and implementing assessment and action plans.

As faculty and staff gained experience with these processes and templates, it was determined that management software would help to reduce manual effort, standardize the assessment process, allow timely evidence collection, and meet accreditation standards.

In the next academic year, a goal was set to recommend a system solution that would effectively support assessment and action plan development, implementation, and documentation. The solution would also allow the institution to meet accreditation standards and support continuous improvement. Following a competitive procurement process including faculty and staff, Tk20 emerged as the preferred vendor.

In spring 2017, TK20 merged with Taskstream, another leading assessment management provider.