Assessment Planning Hands-On Training Sessions

Academic Programs

From April 9, 2018 through at least mid-October, hands-on training in either individual or group sessions (Steele 001 computer cluster or in a school/college location) are being offered. To indicate your preference for an individual or group training session, please complete the online training request form.

In these sessions, faculty and staff can:

  • practice entering assessment and action plan information for their academic program(s) in a test environment,
  • learn how to send an information request to faculty that will allow them to respond directly in Tk20 via a customized link, and
  • prepare reports that summarize assessment and action plan information and curriculum mapping.

Tk20 Assessment Planning training resources are available on the Tk20 Resources page.

Tk20 Test Environment Access for Academic Program Faculty and Staff

The Tk20 test environment is located at Faculty associated with academic program assessment may log into the system using their SUID number as both their username and password. Faculty who are new to the assessment role, as well as academic program staff, should contact the assessment working team ( so that we can arrange access for you.

Once faculty and staff are comfortable navigating Tk20 in the test environment, assessment information for their academic programs can be entered in the live site. The annual progress reporting window is April 16 to October 15, 2018.

Co-Curricular and Functional Areas

Assessment Planning hands-on training for co-curricular and functional areas will begin after graduation and run through at least mid-October. Information about training sessions and access to the Tk20 test environment will be distributed in early May.