Assessment Planning Training Resources

A variety of resources are available to support academic program faculty and staff as they learn to use the Tk20 Assessment Planning platform.

The complete Tk20 Assessment Planning Training Guide for Academic Programs is available in a *.pdf format.

You can also view and download individual sections of the guide.

If you would like to learn more about: Download:
The Tk20 Log In Process and how to navigate the Home page Log In and Home (*.pdf)
The key functionalities of the Planning Platform, which are used to manage and document assessment activities for your organization(s)

Note: This is an overview. For specifics about each of the functionalities, refer to the full guide or the sections provided below.

Planning Platform (*.pdf)
The Outcomes/Goals functionality and how to browse, create, modify, search, and map goal, program-level, and course-level outcome statements for your organization(s) Outcomes/Goals (*.pdf)
The Assessment Planning functionality and how to collect, enter, and view assessment and action plan information for your organization(s) Assessment Planning (*.pdf)
The Curriculum Maps functionality where curriculum maps for the University’s academic programs are stored. Learn how to view and edit existing maps or create new ones. Create a New Curriculum Map (*.pdf)

View and Edit an Existing Curriculum Map (*.pdf)

The Unit Dashboard and how to view a summary, as well as the status, of the assessment data for your organization(s) Unit Dashboard (*.pdf)
The Mission functionality and how to record the mission and vision of your organization and upload supporting documentation Mission (*.pdf)

The Tk20 Assessment and Action Plan Worksheet (*.dotx) is a Word template that can be used to prepare your assessment and action plan information prior to entering it in Tk20. Each phase of the process is included as it appears in Tk20. In addition to the original components in the Syracuse University assessment and action plan template, faculty and staff can include additional information to reflect on student learning outcomes and document action items.

Videos based on these materials are also being developed and will be available later in the summer.

Training materials for co-curricular and functional areas will be available soon.

If you have any questions about using Assessment Planning, you can always contact the assessment working team ( We are here to help!